How Clean Is Your Car?

Visit our full-service car wash in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cleaning your car has never been easier thanks to Manny's Touch Detailing. Gone are the days of pulling out the hose and buckets to try and wash your car. Bring your car to our full-service car wash in Fort Lauderdale, FL today for a deep clean you have to see to believe.

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Details about our full-service car wash

Finding a reliable car wash in Fort Lauderdale, FL shouldn't be a challenge. If your car needs a good cleaning, visit Manny's Touch Detailing today. When you choose our full-service car wash, we'll:

  • Deep clean your vehicle's exterior
  • Hand-wash your car's upholstery
  • Vacuum the floors and mats
  • Wipe down interior panels
  • Clean your windows and mirrors
  • Wash your tires and hubcaps

Don't let just anyone clean your car. Visit Manny's Touch Detailing today for more details about the benefits of choosing our car wash.